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QBL provides expedited air freight services and international air freight services to global destinations around the world. Our airport-to-airport or door to door service is ideally suited to customers with a high volume of business requiring time-critical delivery. We provide air freight services based on your needs and your schedule.

Regular Air Freight Services

  • Airport to Airport Services – Door-to-Door Services
  • Door to Airport/ Airport to Door
  • Cross trade movements
  • Customs Clearances (Licensed customs brokers)
  • Documents management – Sea – Air movements
  • Air Console (Consolidation services)
  • Tracking and Tracing

Air charter services

  • Charter Services: Perishables, Projects, General, UN, Pharmaceuticals
  • Charters – Full and part
  • AOG and Ship spares
  • Charters – Defense (Afghanistan/ Iraq)
  • Other customized charters

We select the most appropriate carrier for your shipment that will give you a competitive advantage in terms of just in time and value for money.

In Air Cargo Transportation, we understand that timelines and punctuality are essential. In order to offer clients, the best service possible, our air cargo team maintain a close relationship and enjoy preferred rate contracts with major international commercial airlines.

We are proud to offer excellent air freight services at reasonable costs, across the region and globally. From printed materials, FMCG-food & non-food, Perishable, Pharmaceuticals, Perfume and chemicals, electronic equipment to the automobile components, our team expertise tackles all your air freight movements in the most professional, efficient, and reliable manner. Although we have a wide variety of services to offer, our most significant tool is to deliver custom-made and personalized services.

QBL provides maximum flexibility on scheduling your shipments and a complete delivery schedule, routing, options to address time and cost sensitive demands. Whatever your needs are, QBL has the solution to achieve your key deliverables.


Priority for time-critical shipments, based on the next direct flight or fastest available connection and with a minimum transit time of 12 hours to 2 days.


within 3 to 4 days of transit time


Economy, with a transit time of 5 to 6 days from departure airport to destination airport

QBL provides pre-booked capacity within the routes, for specific clients where the movements are regular or with fixed volume threshold. In such cases creating console services in serving multiple clients.

QBL provided documentation services includes – invoice, packing list, letter of instruction, Certificate of Origin, DGR declaration, Airway bills, Cargo manifest, import/export declarations, customs release etc.,

QBL’s SEA-AIR solution combines Ocean with Air twice as fast as sea transport and half the price of air transport.